Welcome to the 5th Symposium

on iron ore pelletizing

and its sustainable development

presented by

September 24 - 25 - 26 - 27, 2023 | Quebec City

COREM is proud to host this 5th edition of the Symposium which will take place from September 24 to 27, 2023 in Quebec City, capital of the province of Quebec in Canada.

This symposium will be an exceptional opportunity for the iron ore pelletizing industry players to discuss industry issues and develop contacts within the international iron ore pelletizing community. Several engineers and scientists from different iron ore pellet producers, research centres and universities as well as equipment suppliers will meet to share their knowledge and exchange ideas on iron ore pelletizing.

An eco-friendly event

To contribute to the development of a sustainable mining industry, Corem and the organizing committee are taking concrete actions in terms of eco-responsibility in the organization and conduct of the event.

  • We encourage the use of reusable decorative elements and displays.

  • We avoid single-use or environmentally harmful items.

  • Each participant will receive a reusable water bottle at registration; no disposable water bottles will be distributed or sold.

  • Any uneaten surplus food will be redistributed to charity.

The city of Quebec, in Canada, will host this 5th Symposium.

Hôtel Hilton | Québec

The Symposium will be held at The Hilton Hotel, located in the heart of Quebec City, which is one of Canada's premier convention destinations and is renowned for its hospitality, exceptional service, state-of-the-art technology, and creative cuisine inspired by the long-standing traditions of fine dining in North America. Quebec City is a dynamic and modern French-speaking North American city with the charm of old France.

Welcome to beautiful Quebec City!

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The symposium offers an exceptional opportunity to present your company

and enter in contact with decision makers in the iron ore pelletizing industry,

to expose your products and services and generate new business opportunities.

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September 24

Registration and

welcome cocktail


September 25

Opening remarks

Technical session 1


Technical session 2

Symposium Gala Diner


September 26

Technical session 3


Technical session 4

Corem visit and cocktail


September 27

Technical session 4

Closing remarks

End of Symposium

This Symposium will be an exceptional opportunity to connect, learn, share, and collaborate on the various aspects of iron ore pelletizing. The meeting will consist of two and a half day of technical sessions on the following topics with an important place given to sustainable development:

  • Feed preparation (grinding, flotation, and filtration)

  • Balling, including new binders

  • Additives (conventional and alternative sources)

  • Induration, including machine design

  • Process control and modeling

  • Iron ore pellet quality requirement

  • Mineralogy (phenomena occurring during induration, cooling, and reduction)

  • Sustainable development (GHG emissions reduction, water conservation, alternative energy sources)

  • Market developments, including requirements to meet the transition to green steel production)

  • New pellet plants and projects

* You have until April 28, 2023, to submit your proposal.


About 200 delegates from 25 different countries are expected to attend the Symposium. Iron ore pellet producers, research centers and universities, engineering firms and consultants, as well as equipment suppliers will meet to share their knowledge and exchange ideas.

The past Symposiums were attended by:

  • Executive and directors

  • Managers

  • Senior professionals

  • Professors

  • Researchers

  • Consultants

Corem's organizing committee - 2023

  • Charlie Allaire, Communication and Marketing Advisor

  • Davi Braga, Researcher - Pelletizing and Thermal Processes

  • Christine Croteau, Senior researcher - Team leader - Pelletizing and Thermal Processes

  • Mathieu Dubé, Senior researcher - Pelletizing and Thermal Processes

  • Claude Gagnon, Scientific director

  • Michel Garant, Director - Member and client relations

  • Guylaine Laforest, Senior researcher - Mineralogist - Pelletizing and Thermal Processes

  • Daniel Roy, Senior researcher - Pelletizing and Thermal Processes

5th Symposium on iron ore pelletizing and its sustainable development

presented by